SAN FRANCISCO — Motic Digital Pathology announces the release of the latest version of the FS-Live Telepathology
Suite for remote pathology consultation and diagnosis. This software update upgrades FS-Live to load up to six
slides at a time for individual live viewing and remote control. By eliminating the wait time necessary for switching
out single slides, FS-Live for Pro 6 makes telepathology more efficient than ever for both the onsite technician and
offsite specialist.
The FS-Live is optimized for frozen section, cytology, ROSE, and FNA adequacy evaluation. The software transforms
the Pro 6 WSI scanner into a live microscope that can be piloted remotely by a pathologist to provide a diagnosis
without costly travel time. Hospitals utilizing the system can request an opinion from experts anywhere, decreasing
their consultation expenses and allowing for greater flexibility in scheduling biopsies.
In addition to Pro 6 compatibility, this release includes all-new features like onscreen joystick control for panning,
vertical and horizontal slide orientation, and the option of adding a 4X objective to the Pro 6 scanner. FS-Live’s core
features include industry breakthrough continuous auto-focus, z-stack tools for cytologists, one-click measurement
and notepad, and contrast compensation to correct over-staining.
“With FS-Live Pro 6, we’ve integrated feedback from pathologists on our original FS-Live release for the
MoticEasyScan One to make the system even more robust and responsive to clinician needs,” says Motic’s Director
of Digital Pathology, Nicholas Chan. “Our aim is to make remote pathology as easy and intuitive as possible, so that
doctors and hospitals can concentrate on ensuring diagnostic quality and improving patient outcomes.”
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