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Introducing the FS-Live Pro 6 Bundle

Motic has updated the FS-Live suite to load up to six slides at a time for individual live viewing and remote control. By eliminating the wait time to switch out single slides, FS-Live Pro 6 makes telepathology more efficient than ever for both the onsite technician and offsite specialist. – Request a Demo

From Moonshot to Mainstream: The History of Digital Pathology Adoption
While the term digital pathology has been around for nearly two decades, we are only just starting to see widespread acceptance of this healthcare technology concept. For long-time advocates who’ve been mapping the Gartner hype cycle for digital pathology, it may feel as though the idea never even experienced a peak “inflated expectations” phase before falling into the “trough of disillusionment.” – Read More
The Global Pathology Care Gap (And How Telemedicine Can Help)
The math is simple: populations are growing, people are generally living longer, cancer rates are rising, and the pool of pathologists worldwide is not replenishing fast enough to replace retiring practitioners. With even labs from high-income countries self-reporting that they often do not have adequate staffing to meet demand, the global health burden that cancer poses in the twenty-first century is truly staggering. – Read More