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Bionovation Image Cytometry

800MP Fully Automatic Microscope


(Video playing at 2x regular speed)

Hardware Solutions


  • 5 automatically switchable objective lens
  • High-speed XY translation stage
  • High-speed Z-direction scanning
  • Automatic oil dropping and retrieving
  • High speed, high-resolution camera with 5 million pixels and 163 frames per second

Focusing Mode

  • Autofocusing with 200 frames per second and a single focusing time around 1 second.
  • 8-point focusing for a 20mm x 50mm slide (more than 8-point for some slides), whole slice
    staying in focused with an accuracy of ± 0.2um, in which completes focusing process for
    whole slide within 15 seconds
  • Viewing any area of sample through controlling electric stage, re-focusing is unnecessary.

Whole slide Scanning (20mm x 40mm)

Whole slide Scanning (20mm x 40mm)
Less than 1 minute for whole slide scanning at 0.25 um resolution (40X)
Less than 2 minutes for whole slide scanning at 0.17 um resolution (60X)
Less than 3 minutes for whole slide scanning at 0.1 um resolution (100X)

Deep Learning

  • Define or annotate the sample, and employing the convolution of
    neural net for deep learning practice.
  • 4 high performance GPU workstations categorize 4000 frames with
    64×64 pixel area per second (cells or other objectives), namely, 4000
    cell analytic-ability per second.

Data Viewing

Quantification on various morphological indexes: Nuclear area, Nuclear perimeter, Staining brightness of nuclei, Nuclear circularity, Cytoplasmic area, Cell circularity, Nucleus cytoplasm ratio, Cytoplasmic granularity, Cytoplasm staining brightness and Similarity coefficient of deep learning classification.

Data in formats of scatter diagram, histogram, high dimensional graph.

After 14,000 pictures with 5M pixels are converted to quantitative data of the sample, several scatter diagrams or histograms will be displayed within several seconds for observation and study.Data is saved in FACS3.0 format, can be opened using FACS analytical software, and data file of 10G can be converted into several mega FACS data file.

Application subjects

  • Oncology
  • Hematology
  • Microbiology
  • Cytology
  • Veterinary Medicine (Science)

Demo and service

Please feel free to contact us for demo. We also offer scanning service for your slides at any resolution (0.25um~0.0345um)
or customize deep learning program for your study.