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DJTSolutions has agreements with several vendors to provide cost effective hardware and accessories to enable quick deployment of Digital Pathology Solutions from Grossing thru Microscopy.


DJTSolutions has also acquired licenses of Digital Pathology software to further Digital Pathology Implementation, such as a basic LIS with a Generic Viewer that can view images from diverse systems.

Artificial Intelligence

DJTSolutions is working with firms specializing in Artificial Intelligence for Cancer to strive to eliminate false negative and provide fast, accurate diagnostic tools for the Pathologist.

Professional Services

Our Professional Services include System Selection consulting, as well as Training and Implementation . You can select the services you need to help ensure a successful execution of your DP plan.


With the changing landscape of social interaction, the opening and closing of American Businesses, along with the ever changing nature of the Pandemic we saw a need to provide our Medical Community and Industry in General a wide variety of PPE products and solutions to help meet their requirements. There will be many changes and additions which will be supplier and need dictated. Please click here to see our current PPE Offerings.