Motic Panthera TEC POL Polarizing Microscope


Price: $4,259.00

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  • Microscope Head: Binocular or Trinocular Siedentopf head with eyetubes inclined at 25º with interpupillary adjustment from 48mm to 75mm. Trinocular version features a beam-splitter with 50/50 light split split. 50% of the light going to the trinocular tube and 50% going to the eyetubes. Comes standard with widefield 10x eyepieces with diopters on each, one including a cross-hair reticle.
  • Microscope Body: Intermediate tube contains a 360° rotatable analyzer, compensator slot and Bertrand lens. The analyzer has a large rotation dial for easy adjustment and accurate reading during rotation. The Bertrand lens is focusable and centerable for the best conoscopic observations.
  • Objective Lenses: Quadruple centerable nosepiece encoded accommodates up to four strain-free polarizing objectives. Microscope comes with color corrected infinity system Strain-Free UC Plan objectives. The strain-free objectives provide improved polarizing performance.
    • UC Plan Strain-Free 4x, NA 0.1; WD = 30.5mm
    • UC Plan Strain-Free 10x, NA 0.25; WD = 17.4mm
    • UC Plan Strain-Free 40x, NA 0.65; WD = 0.6mm
    • UC Plan Strain-Free 60x, NA 0.80; WD = 0.35mm
  • Stage: Lockable, rotating ball-bearing stage rotates 360° for precise movement with vernier scale of 0.1mm increments. 
  • Focusing: Low position coaxial coarse and fine focusing with safety rack stop and graduations of 0.002mm. A Focusing stroke of 25mm and tension adjustment.
  • Polarization: The polarizer is fixed on the bottom part of the condenser and features click-stops every 90°. The analyzer is a slider with a large 360º rotation dial that is contained below the head of the microscope in the intermediate tube, along with the included Bertrand lens.
  • Condenser: Includes a NA 0.9 swing out achromat condenser (strain-free), rack and pinion. Condenser is focusable and centerable.
  • Illumination: Koehler illumination with intensity control. Interchangeable 6v30W halogen or 3w LED. Features Motic LightTracer with light memory, auto on/off and light intensity and mode indicator.
  • Compensators: Polarizing microscope comes standard with an empty insertion plate to hold a tint plate, 1/4 wave plate or quartz wedge (all sold separately, see below).
  • Included: Microscope includes eyeshields, owner’s manual, dust cover and blue filter.
  • Warranty: 5 Year warranty. Electrical warranty is 90 days.