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Software Solutions

The Benefits Of Our Solutions

Leverage intelligence

Use the advanced intelligence from our AI, NLP, computational pathology, automated workload balancing, prior search, and tumor board logistics to put the right information at your pathologists’ fingertips while enhancing your pathologists’ efficiency and job satisfaction with tools that automate mundane tasks.

Enhance Case Volumes Workflows and Collaboration

Facilitate diagnoses by enabling pathologists to view and share comprehensive diagnostic and clinical information easily. Transform the way your care team and pathologists collaborate to reduce errors and enable effective practice.

Future-proof with our open platform

Our open, vendor-agnostic solution easily connects to most major scanners, image analysis technologies, and system applications. You can leverage your existing equipment while adding new technologies as they become available to support a scalable implementation that can grow with you.


Dynamyx™ offers more than simple image viewing and evaluation. It streamlines case management and communication among the entire care team—accelerating pathology workflows and facilitating whole slide imaging, image analytics, remote consultations, and tumor boards.

This creates a more efficient, collaborative and rewarding environment for clinicians, while providing a foundation for enabling pathologists to gain deeper insights into patients’ cancers and to help guide more personalized care.



Everything you need in one place



One centralized platform for all your partners, MoticFlow’s role-based platform is built for case collaboration and designed to empower your workflow. Advance your pathology practice through the power of digital slides and cloud technology.

MoticFlow Compatibility

MoticFlow is fully compatible with our range of entry-level to high-volume scanners.

MoticEasyScan One

The best desktop slide scanner is available today. Compact, powerful, and deployable anywhere.

MoticEasyScan Pro

The perfect product for any medical organization looking to join the digital revolution in pathology.

MoticEasyScan Infinity

Fully-featured solution for any organization in need of reliable, high-volume scanning.

Objective Software

The Power of Global Collaboration

Connecting Pathologists to Enhance Patient Care

MyObjective™ is a versatile browser-based solution for storing, managing, sharing, and analyzing your digital pathology images. Pathologists, researchers, and educators can easily create and organize their digital slide collections, allowing them to securely access and share their collections with colleagues and collaborators whenever and where ever they may be.

Choose your Scanner
MyObjective supports all major digital pathology formats, allowing you to select the scanner that best meets your needs.

The browser-based interface eliminates the need to download and install client software. View and manage your images using IE, Edge, Chrome, or Firefox on either PC, MAC, or mobile device.

Create folders and organize images based on your workflow requirements. Upload images directly to your workspace and have them immediately available for viewing and sharing with colleagues.


Image Analysis
Perform quantitative IHC analysis using Immunopath Image Analysis. Develop protocols or utilize and modify existing protocols for nuclear, cytoplasm, or membrane analysis on WSI, microscopic, or TMA images.

Objective Software
Objective Software 1
Annotation and Measurement
Simple and easy-to-use tools for annotations and measurements. Bookmark your annotations to quickly navigate to important areas of interest, Ideally suited for remote consultations or e-learning applications.
Share your Images
DirectLink™ creates an encrypted URL link to an image file that can be shared by email or instant message.  Collaborators can click on the link and get secure direct access to review the full digital image file. DirectLink™ provides a fast, effective tool for enabling consultations, 2nd opinions, and research collaborations.
Objective Software
Supported Formats
MyObjective is compatible and supports all of the major digital pathology image formats. Contact them to discuss adding support for any additional formats.