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Grossing Solutions by Virtus Imaging


The PATHpix™ XLS system is a complete macro camera imaging system that includes everything you need to document, teach, review and share high-resolution pictures of gross pathology specimens for frozen section and reports.

​PATHpix™ XL

The PATHpix™ XL  digital camera system is internally mounted in the overhead space of your grossing station with no invasion of your workspace. It is the easiest system to use on the market today. You can capture, annotate, measure, and save high resolution images.
PATHpix™ XLS  Grossing Camera Station
6-million pixel camera (more than double HD video), 86 mm 20x mag. 16x zoom ratio.
Cool LED equal to 60 watts oblique lighting system.
22-inch IPS High-Definition  Medical grade all in one PC.
21-inch working surface.
LabOwl™  Macro & Micro Imaging Software